Practical information

  • The 6th CSSGPS workshop will be held on the BigBlueButton server.
  • Extended discussions will be carried on the Slack platform.
  • Two social meetings on the WonderMe platform.
  • All necessary links to BBB sessions, discussions on Slack and social meetings on WonderMe will be only given to registered participants.

For all participants

Sessions: Our conference will be held on our local BigBlueButton server located in Toruń. BBB works in a compatible web browser (Chrome or Firefox) window, and it has only as much privacy privileges as you specifically allow in the browser and operating system settings (screen/camera/microphone access). You can get familiar with BBB by connecting to the public test server

Timezones: Talks are scheduled in the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Please, check your timezone and prepare yourself to be online in proper time.

Recording: Sessions will be recorded to allow all participants listen to them in a convenient time in their timezones. Links to recorded sessions will only be given to registered CSSGPS participants. If you did not consent to record your participation to the CSSGPS workshop, please hold back from asking questions during the BBB sessions (which are recorded) and ask your question during an extended discussion time on the Slack or WonderMe platforms.

Extended discussion: All participants will be invited to the CSSGPS2021 workspace on the platform. The prepared workspace is divided into session topics. You may enter there and chat with other participants and ask questions.

Social meetings: A dedicated space to meet other CSSGPS workshop participants, see them and talk to them in smaller groups. The meetings use the

For speakers

Talk: The time for the invited and contributed talk is 25 + 5 min and 15 + 5 min, respectively. Please, make presentations in pdf version and upload it on our server in advance (according to the conference announcements).

Presentation mode: Preferred way is to upload your presentations in PDF format to the server in advance, this gives you more control during your talk. But instead of uploading the PDF there is also an option of sharing your presentation window, although to be able to easily see and control both the presentation (full screen PDF or PPT viewer) and BBB environment (web browser window) at the same time it is preferred to have dual monitor setup.

BBB connection hints

Ports: For BBB connection you will need ports 80 and 443 for TCP and 16384-32768 for UDP. Sometimes ports 16384-32768 for TCP are used.

Tests: Try your connection on However, if your connection uses NAT, there might be additional issues with forwarding UDP ports, so avoid NAT if possible.

Browser: BBB works in a compatible web browser (Chrome or Firefox) window. While having connection issues avoid Safari or Microsoft browsers.