Practical information


In Poland the only official language is Polish. After our native tongue, English is the second most common language spoken in Poland and you may hear it in top tourist destinations. Nevertheless, Polish is not so hard as it is thought and it might be useful to know some basic greetings when visiting Poland. You can learn it here.


Poland belongs to the Schengen area comprising 26 European countries between which passport control is abolished. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland offers a list of countries whose nationals do not need a visa to enter Poland. Nationals of unlisted countries need to apply for a visa. More details on entering Poland: Entry conditions for third-country nationals under visa obligation, visa type. If you need an official invitation letter from us, please indicate this in the registration form (optional notes) and provide us required data.


The official currency in Poland is złoty (abbreviated as zł or PLN). Poland does not belong to the Eurozone and euro is not used. The approximate average exchange rate for złoty is 4.30 PLN to 1 EUR or 3.80 PLN to 1 USD. Grosz is the equivalent to cents. All major foreign currencies may be exchanged for Polish złoty at a bank or exchange counter (called Kantor). See also Cost of living in Toruń.

Payment Cards

Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted payment cards. Paying by credit card is generally available in most cases, however, in some smaller points or e.g. buses this may not be possible. Poland has a dense network of ATM’s (called bankomat), which are connected to all international networks. More information about money in Poland you may find here.


Polish sockets are type E standard European sockets, with a voltage of 230V/50Hz. Participants from most non-European countries, as well as the UK, Switzerland or Italy will need a plug adapter.


The weather in Poland in June is generally warm and sunny with possible little rainfall. The temperature is typically around 15-25o C (59-77o F). The actual weather forecast can be checked here or here. More about climate in Poland you may find here.


Poland is a generally safe country with a low overall crime rate, although it is always good to follow basic safety rules and be vigilant in the crowd. You may read more here about safety in Poland. The emergency numbers worth remembering are:

  • emergency: 112
  • police: 997
  • ambulance: 999
  • fire brigade: 998